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Stay Safe Around Large Trucks This Summer

Large trucks behave very differently from passenger cars. Many large truck accidents are deemed the fault of passenger car drivers because many drivers aren't aware that the size and height of large trucks requires special attention to safety when you share the road with them.

Experienced Nebraska truck accident lawyers recommend learning to drive safely around large trucks. While you're traveling this summer, keep these tips in mind in order to protect yourself and those you love while you travel.

  • Pay attention around large trucks. Avoid distractions by putting down your cell phone, turning down the radio, and asking your passengers to help you watch traffic rather than distracting you with conversation. Watch large trucks for important clues as to the condition of the road or any upcoming hazards; trucks will often slow down or change lanes for upcoming hazards that you can't see.
  • Never cut in front of a truck or bus. Large vehicles require considerably more distance to stop than smaller ones. Make sure you can see the entire front end of the truck or bus in your rear view mirror before you merge into the lane ahead of the vehicle.
  • Pass trucks promptly and on the left only. Accelerate to maintain a safe but consistent speed while passing, and always use your turn signals. Do not ride at the side of a large truck; their blind spots are considerably larger than those in a passenger vehicle.
  • Always stop at or behind the white line at intersections, especially if you are in the leftmost lane. Trucks cannot make turns safely if vehicles are sitting in front of the white line.

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