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Avoiding Catastrophic Car Accident Injuries in Work Zones

Summer in Nebraska means that roadways are filled with construction zones - from a handful of workers filling a pothole to dozens working to rebuild or replace a major highway overpass. No matter what sort of work takes place at a construction site, these zones increase the risk that a car accident will cause catastrophic injury to motorists or workers.

Experienced Nebraska car accident attorneys recommend that drivers work to protect themselves from injury when driving through highway work zones. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) provides the following tips for drivers:

  • Stay alert. Minimize distractions inside your vehicle so you can pay attention to what's going on outside. Put away your cell phone or GPS device, turn down the music, and ask other passengers to help you pay attention to the area so you can react more quickly.
  • Know what to look for. Pay attention to road signs, look for brake lights on the vehicles traveling ahead of yours, and pay attention to the behavior of traffic around you so you can anticipate upcoming slowdowns, stops, or other events.
  • Merge promptly. Merge into the proper lane as soon as you notice the signs that say a lane will soon be closing. Use your vehicle's signals to merge. If you drive through a particular construction site every day, remember that lane closures can change daily - watch the signs and the behavior of traffic around you so that you can merge safely.
  • Practice patience. Slowdowns, unexpected behavior from workers or other drivers, and other events can all affect how quickly and safely you can move through a construction area. Be patient, and check Google Maps or another tool before you head out to learn more about potential upcoming work sites.

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