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What is the Odón Device?

Every year, millions upon millions of prospective mothers all over the world encounter severe complications in the birthing process, many of which result in injuries or death to the mother and/or child. Certain technological and technical developments in the field, such as the cesarean section, the use of forceps, or the use of vacuum devices, have provided us with ways to make birthing less dangerous for all involved.

However, these techniques and devices sometimes cause further complications, especially when misapplied or aggressively implemented. Furthermore, they are expensive, which makes it hard for birthing mothers in impoverished countries to get the medical assistance they need.

The solution to these issues may have been found by one unlikely individual: an Argentinean mechanic named Jorge Odón. He came across the idea after he had watched a video on a popular bar trick by which one can loosen the cork from an empty wine bottle by inflating a plastic bag inside the bottle and then extracting the bag along with the cork. His Eureka moment came later the same night when he realized the same technique could be applied to extracting babies safely during birth. After receiving encouragement from an obstetrician, Odón created the prototype with a sleeve and a cloth bag.

Since then, the device has been embraced by the World Health Organization (WHO) and tested with promising results. Manufacturing and distribution of the device is currently underway. The price estimate of the device is sitting at an affordable $50 per unit. Once it becomes widely used, it will likely have global impact and save countless lives.

The Nebraska birth injury attorneys who are also physicians with Cullan & Cullan, LLC are excited about this recent development. We hope that it reduces the occurrence of birth injuries since the current rate is far from optimal. If you or your child were unfortunate enough to suffer injury during the birthing process due to negligence on the part of a medical professional, you should contact us and have us help you get the compensation you need to cover related medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Call (402) 882-7080 for a case evaluation at no cost to you.


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