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Cycling for Justice and HIE

Two bikes. Two attorneys. An open road. And a cause: raising awareness regarding hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE).

Cycling has taken the Cullan brothers to new heights, literally, with ascents of two of the most celebrated mountain climbs in the cycling world: Alpe d'Heuz and Mont Ventoux. It is still debated exactly who crested the summit of Alpe d'Huez first, after rounding the 21 hairpin turns leading up the 15.2 km climb. However, the first to summit Mont Ventoux was beyond a doubt. Patrick keeps insisting on "equipment failure" to explain his 12 minute delay in reaching the 1912 m height, a little over 21 km from Bedoin, France.

Habitual participants in local cycling events, such as RAGBRAI, BRAN, the Heat Stroke 100, and the occasional taco ride, the Cullan brothers are broadening their outreach to events across the nation.

"Cycling is a beautiful sport, and has become a true passion," says Joseph Cullan. "It's been a great way to travel and meet new people."

"We've been able to use cycling to bring awareness regarding HIE and some of the legal issues surrounding it, such as the State's Medical Hospital-Liability Act," adds Patrick Cullan. “Obviously people are unaware of this type of special interest legislation, and are thoroughly disgusted when exposed to the facts."

I, McSmit, via Wikimedia Commons

I, McSmit, via Wikimedia Commons

The fact is that thousands of children are born every year across this nation with catastrophic neurological injuries that are 100% preventable. Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) is a brain injury that results from decreased oxygen and/or blood flow to the in-utero baby's brain during labor. Not surprisingly, parents are often overwhelmed by the diagnosis and the ramifications it has on their new young child. They are often never told the how and why their child suffered this injury. The simple facts are that this injury occurs because their child was asphyxiated during the birth process. With proper monitoring and management, HIE is preventable.

Children suffering from HIE are left with severe and permanent neurological damage, leaving them with tremendous hardship and disability. Cerebral palsy, seizures, motor dysfunction, cognitive deficits, and even death have all been tied to HIE.

Cullan & Cullan LLC provides information and advice on how to navigate the complex medical and legal issues that come with having a child who has suffered HIE. We can be reached at (402) 882-7080.


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