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Tractor-trailers are large vehicles that require specific skills to operate safely. Only a moment of negligent driving or a mechanical error can cause a serious or even fatal truck accident. A runaway trailer accident is an accident in which the speed of the truck does not match the speed of the trailer. In many instances, the speed of the trailer may force the truck to veer out of control; while in other instances, the trailer may become detached from the truck, leaving a wake of destruction along its path until it stops. Due to the sheer size and weight of trailers, when a runaway trailer accident occurs, it often results in serious and sometimes fatal injuries.

What Commonly Causes Runaway Trailer Accidents?

There are many potential factors that can cause a runaway trailer accident. Common causes include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Speeding. Truck drivers need to adjust their rate of speed in response to the type of cargo they are carrying, in addition to the cargo’s weight and the conditions of the roadway. It is important to ask whether the accident could have been prevented if the truck driver had been driving slower and more carefully.
  • Steep declines. Often, trucks that are trying to slow down while the roadway’s elevation descends have difficulty with their brakes. It will need to be investigated whether the roadway was poorly designed or if truck driver negligence were factors in the collision.
  • Sudden, unexpected turns. A trailer can become detached from the truck if the truck driver makes a turn too quickly or if the truck jackknifes. It is critical to determine whether a truck driver was operating the truck in an unsafe manner that resulted in the need for an unexpected turn to be made, resulting in a runaway trailer accident.
  • Brake failure and other mechanical defects. When the trailer’s brakes fail to work in combination with the truck’s brakes, the trailer may detach from the truck. Other mechanical defects or faulty parts may result in trailer detachment. Was a proper inspection conducted before the trip?
  • Overloaded trailers. When a trailer is loaded with more cargo than it can safely and/or legally carry, the trailer’s tires may blowout, its brakes may fail or it may cause the truck to veer out of control. It will need to be looked into whether the shipping company overloaded the trailer and whether or not inspection officials were aware the truck was overloaded.

After a Runaway Truck Crash

Due to the sheer size and weight of trailers, when a runaway trailer accident occurs, it often results in serious and sometimes fatal injuries.

Anyone who has been injured in a runaway truck accident in Nebraska should immediately contact police, as well as exchange information with anyone else involved in the collision and witnesses to the accident and take extensive notes. The more detail about the accident, the better. Photos should also be taken, either with a regular camera or a cell phone camera, to document vehicle damage, the location of the accident, and what injuries were sustained. The more prepared you are, the better your chances are of receiving compensation. It is also critical to learn more about your legal rights and options from an Omaha truck accident attorney that has experience handling similar cases.

Omaha Runaway Trailer Attorneys - Getting Just Compensation for Your Injuries

If you have been injured in a runaway truck accident or another type of collision involving a truck in Nebraska, contact the brothers at Cullan & Cullan LLC. As both physicians and lawyers, we know exactly what truck crash injuries can do to your job and lifestyle. Our runaway trailer attorneys in Omaha can help you compile a strong case against a negligent truck driver in order for you to obtain the compensation you need and deserve to cover such costs as hospital bills, ongoing medical expenses, lost time away from work, and more. To schedule a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable lawyers, please call our law offices at (402) 882-7080

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  • $26.1 Million

    Medical Malpractice

    Cullan & Cullan has set a state record in Nebraska with a $26.1 million medical malpractice jury award.

  • $19 Million

    Truck Accident

    Negligent truck driver made a right-hand turn into plaintiff’s vehicle, causing fractured vertebra and partial paralysis. Defendant alleged plaintiff was trying to pass him on the shoulder. The insurance company offered zero before trial.

  • $17 Million

    Birth Injury

    Negligence by nurses and hospital staff in failing to assess the position of the baby, improper use of Pitocin, and failing to obtain an assessment by physician, resulting in severe oxygen deprivation and brain injury to the baby.



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